Paris Mash


Paris Mash is renown for its buttery smooth and indulgently creamy consistency. The mother of all mashes it is almost more like a whipped cream than a lumpy home-style mash. Perfect with your favourite protein, we recommend adding it to our Braised Lamb Shoulder, Braised Beef Cheeks or Wagyu Beef Pillow Pies

Cooked in our 5-star kitchen, by our expert team of chefs and then snap-frozen and vacuum-sealed to be delivered to your door. 


Net weight: 500g

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    For best result; remove from the freezer and allow to thaw in the fridge for 24 hours. Pierce the vacuum pouch with a small knife and microwave on high for 3 minutes. Allow to stand for 2 minutes, remove from the vacuum bag and serve.

    Potato (Desiree), Pure Cream, Butter, Salt. 

    Serving size: 100g

    Servings Per Pack: 5

    Per Serve Per 100g
    Energy 731.0KJ 731KJ
    Protein 2.2g 2.2g
    Fat 14.9g 14.9g
    Saturated Fat 9.6g 9.6g
    Sugars 1.6g 1.6g
    Carbohydrates 7.6g 7.6g
    Sodium 264.0mg 264mg

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